Fife Sensors

Fife offers a full line of web guiding sensors that meet the most stringent application requirements. All of our electronic sensors have been designed for compatibility, making sensor changes quick and easy as your process demands. Fife sensors offer a proven track record of many years of dependable service.

Products Include:

  • Infrared SensorsInfrared Sensors

    Fife infrared sensors are available in various gaps, throat depths, and proportional bands offering excellent performance for many applications. These sensors feature a modulated light source making them insensitive to ambient light.

  • Ultrasonic SensorsUltrasonic Sensors

    Fife ultrasonic sensors can be used to guide clear films or opaque webs. Used for both edge and center guiding applications, all have been designed to withstand electrostatic discharges.

  • Visible Light and Laser SensorsVisible Light and Laser Sensors

    The visible light sensors can have a gap up to 3 meters (118.11 inches) and are used as an edge or center guide sensor on unwinds, rewinds, or any applications where multiple web widths are processed.

  • Line Guide SensorsLine Guide and other Optical Sensors

    These sensors have been developed to guide to the center of a line, edge of a line, or edge of a material on a contrasting backup roller or plate. These sensors generate a small visible light spot that is normally centered over the line.

  • Pneumatic SensorsPneumatic Sensors

    Pneumatic sensors are air pressure sensors that are used with Fife pneumohydraulic power units. Fire has a broad line of pneumatic sensors which are suitable for many diverse applications. Our pneumatic sensors are compact, require low air pressure and are clog resistant.

  • Select a Sensor by Material Type

    Fife has a wide variety of sensors to suit virtually any material. Specific designs are available to improve efficiency when running opaque, transparent, woven, nonwoven or printed material, as well as carpet or metals. We also have wide band sensors designed to eliminate the need for sensor repositioning.

  • Fife SensorsFife Sensors by Product Number

    All Fife Sensors arranged by product number.