The remote positioning of sensors and other devices saves time, reduces waste, improves accuracy, and eliminates potential injuries and damage. Fife offers many different positioner assemblies, ensuring your needs and requirements are fully met.
Whether you are looking to automate sensor positioning with remote or centralized controls, removing potential operator hazards, or eliminating human error, Fife has the means to ensure control and accuracy are achieved.

The Fife assortment of positioners provide the equipment you need, whether your application is simple positioning, center guiding, continuous-duty chasing, or slaving. Fife positioners are available for electromechanical, electrohydraulic, pneumohydraulic, or manual systems. A wide assortment of standard or custom mounting configurations and brackets are available to provide quick and easy installation tailored to your process line.

Products Include:

  • Pro-Trac 100 Electromechanical Sensor PositionerFife Pro-Trac 100 Electromechanical Sensor Positioner

    The Pro-Trac 100 is a low-cost, self-contained sensor positioner designed for standard-duty operations. Supplied with remote controller/digital readout, the Pro-Trac 100 is easily adapted to any process line for remote and/or centralized positioning capabilities.

  • Pro-Trac 200 Electromechanical Sensor PositionerFife Pro-Trac 200 Electromechanical Sensor Positioner

    The Pro-Trac 200 is a heavy-duty positioner engineered for continuous, reliable operation. Common application uses for the Pro-Trac 200 include chasing systems, moving-sensor center guide systems, web width measurement systems, or simple sensor positioning.

  • EM-8, M-8 Sensor PositionerFife Electromechanical or Hydraulic Positioners

    EM-8 and EM-11 Sensor Positioners provide a dependable way to position equipment in chasing applications or where long-distance sensor placement is required.

  • M-12 Manual Sensor PositionerFife M-12 Manual Sensor Positioner

    The M-12 is a reliable, easy to use dual-sensor positioner for most any fixedsensor center guiding application. The indicating handwheel of the M-12 provides operators with sensor location at a glance.

  • Fife M-23 Sensor OscillatorFife M-23 Sensor Oscillator

    Designed for continuous-duty operation, the M-23 provides infinite adjustment of oscillation magnitude, with both speed and distance at your control. With precise speed control and oscillations from 0.0” to ±4.0” (102 mm), the M-23 is often used to wind uniform staggered rolls, avoiding rippled material and telescoping rolls.