Offset Pivot Web Guides

An Offset Pivot Guide (OPG) is a displacement-type guide which provides web position correction with minimum entry and exit span requirements. Designed with parallel rollers, the guide pivots such that the web is twisted, thus minimizing web stress. This allows OPGs to be used in the least amount of space.

Fife OPGs are mechanical devices used to correct the lateral error in a web of material as the material runs through a process. The OPG corrects the error by displacing the web between the entry span and the exit span of the guide. The OPG consists of a fixed base and a pivoting structure with one or more rollers. The pivoting structure, referred to as a pivot carrier, rotates about a fixed or imaginary point called the pivot point. The angle of rotation is limited to ±7.5 degrees maximum. The point of rotation is ideally in the plane of the entry span or within 10% of the guide span of the entry span plane.

Products Include:

  • FIFE-500 Web Guiding SystemFIFE-500 Web Guiding System

    Introducing the FIFE-500 web guide for narrow web and nonwoven applications. This cost-effective guiding system is easy to use and install, while using new technology to help you improve efficiency.

  • Micro-Symat Offset Pivot GuideFife MicroSymat Offset Pivot Guide

    The MicroSymat is a super-compact electromechanical guiding system designed specifically for narrow-web guiding applications. This single-roll offset pivot guide is available with two standard roller faces: 80 mm (3.15 inches), and 100 mm (3.94 inches), with diameters of 50 mm (1.97 inches), 75 mm (2.95 inches), 100 mm (3.94 inches). Maximum allowed tension is 100N (22.5 lbf).

  • Symat 25Fife Symat 25 Offset Pivot Guide

    The Symat 25 is a compact, versatile electromechanical system engineered for narrow-web applications where short entry and exit spans are required. This offset pivot guide is available with three standard roller faces: 160.0 mm (6.30 inches), 200.2 mm (7.88 inches), and 250 mm (9.84 inches).

  • Fife Symat 50 Offset Pivot Guide

    Durable and versatile, the Symat 50 electromechanical offset pivot guide is engineered to accommodate web widths up to 533 mm (21 inches) wide and tensions up to 623 N (140 lbs). This guide is ideal for edge, line, or center guiding applications where short entry and exit spans are required.

  • LRB Offset Pivot GuideFife LRB Offset Pivot Guide

    The LRB offset pivot guide is designed for reliable performance using either an electromechanical actuator or hydraulic cylinder as a power source. Constructed with low-friction ball bushings and precision race rod supports, this versatile guide delivers low-maintenance operation for edge, line, or center guiding applications.

  • LRC Offset Pivot GuideFife LRC Offset Pivot Guide

    Available with hydraulic cylinders or electromechanical actuators, this dependable guide can accommodate web widths up to 3,100 mm (122 inches), and tensions up to 4,003 N (900 lbf).


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